Always Offer a Hand

1609589_754738751237494_903279223_nI have spent nearly my entire adult life in public service of one kind or another. Many times during that career I have wondered if I was making any headway in what ails those I have worked with. Yesterday, my wondering was answered with a resounding, “YES!”

While helping clean-up from my daughter’s basketball banquet I was approached by a young lady who asked if I use to work with Judge Margaret Huddleston in Warren Family Court. When I answered “yes” she introduced herself and gave me a hug. She reminded me that her name was NaShata Amos but is now married with the last name “Woods.”

She went on to tell me how much she despised me and Judge Huddleston when she was younger but how now, as an adult looking back she is forever grateful for having come through Family Court. She told me with tears in her eyes that while she was once young, reckless and resentful, she is now at a place in her life where she can appreciate the concern and care shown to her all those years ago. NaShata told me how when she was being detained in a holding cell that I sat with her until the Bailiff came to take her away. She told me how she expected a lecture but was surprised when I just talked with her about the choices that she was making, about how she could make different choices if she was unhappy with her present circumstances. She ended by giving me another hug and introducing me to her husband by saying, “this is Slim Nash, he cared about me when I was a kid.” Talk about about getting a lump in your throat!

NaShata shared that she knew of Judge Huddleston’s passing and that she regrets never having had the chance to thank her for “being so mean.”  I assured her that Judge Huddleston had a strong faith and that I am sure she is aware of NaShata’s success.

As NaShata grew up she changed her choices and changed her life circumstances. She went back to school and earned her GED and then went on to receive a degree in the medical field. She is gainfully employed and happy today.

I do not share this story as a pat on my own back rather I share to say that we should never stop trying to offer a hand up to those who are down. While I remember NaShata, I do not remember the events that she shared with me, events that she says she will never forget. Think about it, what I can’t remember has made a forever lasting impression upon her life.

Don’t ever forget that everyday we have the opportunity to be good to one another!


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