The Ups and Downs

What a nice surprise. My “son” Dewayne came to town for a visit.

I have known Dewayne for about 5 years & we have traveled the highs (receiving his GED – his diploma hangs in my office) and lows (being incarcerated) of life together. Dewayne has not always made the best choices but he has always wanted to live a better life.

There were many times that I thought about “giving up” on Dewayne but I could never do it because he would never give up on himself. Even when he was at his lowest points he would tell me he wanted a better life & he would ask for my help.

It isn’t all sunshine and roses even today but Dewayne lives in Tennessee with his fiancé and her daughter, he is gainfully employed & he is contributing to, rather than being a drain on, society.

I love this young man and I am proud of the direction he is headed.10247351_796052617106107_7540686141638838261_n-1


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