Slim Headshot

Brian “Slim” Nash prides himself in public service. Growing up in Terre Haute , Indiana, Slim was always instilled with the values and desire to help his fellow citizens. In 1988 he moved to Bowling Green to attend Western Kentucky University on a Men’s Swimming Scholarship and received his Bachelor of Arts degree studying the field of sociology and criminology in 1993 . After attending Graduate School at WKU he decided to dedicate his life to helping especially children in his community. He then went on to work with LifeSkills, Inc., Warren County Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Council, Warren County Family Court One, and Warren County Juvenile Drug Court.

Brian “Slim” Nash was first elected to the Bowling Green City Commission in 2004 and his impact was immediately felt. He was instrumental in the establishment of a community based court supervision program for youth who used, abused or were addicted to illicit substances.  He worked hard to improve the local perception and attitudes towards community based substance abuse treatment. This program has proven successful and is far more cost effective than treating children in a secure facility.

He later on created the “Common Sense Is Not Always Common Action” program. This program provides parents and school personnel positive management techniques, such as appropriate expectations, fixed limits, redirection and natural and logical consequences.

Slim has one son, Will (1994), and one daughter, Presley (1998). Slim has also been very active in the Kiwanis Club of Bowling Green and was honored as the 2004 Kiwanian of the Year. This award was given for his efforts in volunteering with various community events, including chairing the Kiwanis ThunderFest Community Fireworks Celebration.

His hard work was the driving force behind the 2005-2006 Commission funding and authorization of the building of Bowling Green’s first Skate Park, a park designed to offer youth and adults a safe place to recreate while engaging in the sports of skateboarding, rollerblading and BMX bicycling.

He also volunteers his personal time to work with kids by serving on the board of directors and coaches in the South Warren Youth Basketball League.

He also understand how to keep the community safe. During the 2005-2006 term, Slim co-authored the pay and benefits package for the police and fire departments, sponsored legislation that reduced Bowling Green’s crime rate by 7%, brokered a public-private partnership with local developers which allowed for the creation of new roads, and supported legislation that reduced local property and occupational taxes.

Despite his election in 2004 and re-election in 2006, 2008, and 2010, Slim prides himself as an “autonomous maverick” of the Bowling Green political machine who, like his many constituents, is more interested in results than he is in rhetoric.  Slim strives to bring a new and fresh perspective to the issues that come before the City Commission.

Slim has a desire to serve the city of Bowling Green that has only grown more passionate through the years. He is very proud of his past work as city commissioner and is looking forward to the next opportunity to run for office.


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