Back to School

Late last month, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Back to School Bash hosted by service organizations, BGTC programs, and the Student Government Association. A Commissioner’s work is never done. As a member of the public and a servant of the public, I wear many hats at one time, so to speak. While promoting my re-election campaign, I continued to promote the well-being of the region’s children by also representing my work in the capacity of Bellewood Therapeutic Foster Care. A good commissioner should work for the people and along side them. For more on the story, visit Bowling Green Technical College’s press release by clicking here.


Interview with WBKO

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! It takes more than just words, it takes a vision and a plan to keep Bowling Green thriving and moving forward. For  my interview with WBKO on this exact topic, please check out their website and my interview by clicking here.

The Best Staff

Presley and I are using the ol’ elbow grease to fold, staple & put together Re-Elect Nash Campaign Signs!

If you’d like one for your yard please reply to this post, send me a direct message, e-mail or phone call.

For those who have requested signs but have not yet received one, they will be delivered this week.

Re-Elect Nash!

Show Your Support

So proud to have citizens who are willing to show their support at the polls and at the personal or business properties.

Especially like the location of this sign with the Skatepark in the background. A park where adults & children can safely

recreate is just another part of our beautiful city’s landscape today but just a few years ago it was a lightning rod of controversy. Proud to have supported such a worthy project despite the political repercussions that came with doing so.

If you want a Commissioner with a backbone & not a wishbone, Re-Elect Nash!

Nash Shirts Are In!

Nash Shirts Are In!

Re-Elect Slim Nash t-shirts have arrived. The design is new & I hope you like it. They are available in two colors, a white shirt with green print or a green shirt with white print.

I want to put these shirts on the backs of as many people as will wear them. In an effort to offset the costs I am suggesting a $5 donation per shirt. Of course I don’t want to price anybody out of wearing a shirt so if you are unable to afford the $5 or if you are just opposed to paying but want to wear a shirt please let me know!

New Website Launch

Slim Nash has launched a new website, ready for the next election! He’s been working hard to ensure Bowling Green has bold but balanced leadership in the City Commissioner.

As your city commissioner, Slim increased transparency, expanded economic development, and improved quality of life. Thank you for supporting Slim in his most recent re-election in November 2010.