Bold But Balanced Leadership in Bowling Green, KY

Slim is working hard for you as your City Commissioner! For more on where he stands on the issue, see his platform below.

Transparency – Economic Development – Quality of Life

1. Transparency

Transparency through Media

Most people have busy schedules and families to take care of, giving them little time to attend a board of commissioners meeting. For this reason Slim has never shied away from the local media. He recognizes that the media can as a catalyst for public awareness of the issues that affect Bowling Green. He strongly feels that you should not be penalized for missing a public meeting, just because you were busy with family activities, work, or education. The city should use the media to bring the issues to you on your time.

Transparency in City Government

Before Slim came to the Board of Commissioners, many times discussions about important issues happened behind closed doors inaccessible to the public, with unanimous decisions and no public discussion. The public needs to know why the city voted way they did. Slim has pushed for more openness and transparency in the city government. When you are part of the discussion in city hall, we can make decisions in the city’s best interest not just the interests of elite commissioners.

2. Economic Development

Downtown Redevelopment Project

Slim was one of the three votes in favor of the downtown redevelopment project, saying that it was vitally important to view this project not just as the building of a baseball field, but as the largest economic development venture in the city, county, or even region. Slim will continue to encourage positive development in downtown Bowling Green to increase

Business Development

Regardless of any upturns or downturns in the local or national economy, Slim will continue to look for ways to reduce costs while maintaining services and improving efficiency. Since businesses creating the majority of the city’s income, Slim will push for measures to create a larger business base, creating more jobs in the future.

3. Quality of Life

Quality of Childhood and Adolescence

Slim proudly supported the development of the skate park. Although controversial at the start, Bowling Green has seen unprecedented success with the project. Daily News praised the skate park saying that it defied expectations, providing an excellent drug-free environment for youths.

Quality of Police and Fire Protection

Our Police and Fire protection services are key to keeping our city safe. Slim has consistently voted in favor of supporting police and fire funding, giving them more freedom and resources to better protect our community.

Quality of Housing

As Director for Western Kentucky Community Based Services for Uspiritus (formerly Bellewood Presbyterian Home for Children), Slim has had the occasion to rent apartments for young adults who are aging out of foster care. In this capacity, he has seen the negative attitudes and sometimes prejudice of some local landlords. That is why he has actively supported the Residential Rental Licensing ordinance which would create a proactive approach by placing all rental housing on a regular inspection timetable, eliminating tenant’s fear of reprisal.

Quality of Public Air

While originally against the non-smoking Ordinance, Slim cannot ignore the Surgeons General Warning that second hand smoke causes cancer. Don’t get him wrong, he’s not anti-tobacco, just opposed to the use of tobacco in a way that interferes with the health and safety of those who do not choose to smoke. As a commissioner and as a father, he will relentlessly work so that you and your children can have a safe and healthy life in Bowling Green at your own discretion.

Special Projects

Bowling Green Skate Park

A safe place for youth. Nash was fundamental in the creation of a community-based skate park to bring youth off the streets and into a public atmosphere.

  • Safe environment for youths of all ages
  • Lowest number of emergency service calls
  • Decreased crime rates
  • Slim took the project from capital to close

Bowling Green Economic Development Plan

Moving Bowling Green forward. Slim has continually pushed for expanded economic growth in Bowling Green. If we can bring businesses to our city, then we can increase the number of jobs for our citizens.


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